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Trefethen Receives Prestigious Sustainability Award


Trefethen is pleased to announce that we have been honored with the California Green Medal Environment Award. The Environment Award winner honors “the vineyard and/or winery that best demonstrates environmental stewardship through maximized environmental benefits from implementing sustainable practices.” This award highlights our estate-grown approach to winemaking and the biodiversity and resiliency we have built into our entire operation.

Check out our latest journal post and learn more about this prestigious award!

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Trefethen’s vision is reflected on Eshcol’s label and the packaging itself. The front label incorporates many aspects of the estate’s unique terroir and history, highlighting their ecological awareness through a focus on the rich diversity of wildlife that exists on the property, starting with its central image of a barn owl and extending to the various insects, fish, and plant life that also call the property home.

In keeping with the estate’s ethos of conservation and environmentalism, the bottle comes without any foil capsule and is sealed with natural cork, a carbon-fixing material.


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