New Label Design

November 13, 2019

An external reflection of the internal evolution that has taken place at Trefethen over the past half-century, the new packaging manages to anchor Trefethen in its history while reaching forward to embrace a bright future. Says Lorenzo, “I hope the combination will prove timeless.”

There is a constant season of change at Trefethen . . . not only in the vineyard but in every aspect of our family business. The dedication of our team is manifest in every aspect of the operation and from the soil to the table, from sustainable farming and thoughtful winemaking to gracious hospitality, the focus is on the wine.


Trefethen Family Vineyards has a considerable history and legacy. While respecting our incredible heritage, we continuously look for new methods to signal how we are positioned for the future. Our bottle is no exception. It is crucial that it reflects not only the wine but who we are.


After several years and countless revisions, we created a new label inspired by the first label to ever be placed on a bottle of Trefethen wine. It conveys our legacy of quality estate-grown wines and the unique spirit of our land, vines, and people.


“The foundation for the design of the new label included two cherished design elements from our very first bottles,” said Lorenzo Trefethen, who, along with his sister Hailey, spearheaded the redesign. “We reached back into our past, to our original logo, designed by the calligrapher Sumner Stone and our mother Janet. We also included the Trefethen flower, an emblem of our family, and a representation of the estate which has graced the capsules of every bottle of Trefethen wine. We brought these beloved brandmarks fully into the present, wrapping them in a modern design that speaks to our future, faithfully reflecting both who we are and the wines we make.”




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