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Salt of the Earth


April is a big month at Trefethen. Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd, followed closely by the anniversary of our A.V.A., the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley (O.K.D.), which was formally recognized on April 26th, 2004. These two events remind us of the Trefethen family’s devotion to our vineyards, the source of all of our grapes.

As one of Napa Valley’s pioneering wineries, we have been careful stewards of our vineyard ecosystem. We look at what will help us thrive for another three generations; how we can continue to farm the best quality grapes while sustaining our business and our land, all while enriching the lives of those that work here and those that enjoy our wines around the world.

Indeed, the Trefethens are the salt of the earth, but they are more than the salt; they are shakers–their values inspire us and are sprinkled into all we do. This box is dedicated to the family and their source of joy, their “happy place,” the land. We hope you enjoy this Salt of the Earth Joy Box and invite you to learn more about Trefethen’s rich history and philosophy around sustainability.


Inside the box

2018 O.K.D. Four Red Blend

2018 O.K.D. Four Red Blend

Honoring the Oak Knoll District, our O.K.D. is an annual experiment in blending. Reflecting the unique personality of each vintage, this wine allows us to play and explore how different varieties interact. Four refers to the four varieties in this year’s blend.

Learn more about the land that inspires O.K.D. wine

Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley
Cyprus White Flake Salt, Weck Jar, and Olive Wood Pinch Bowl

Cyprus White Flake Salt, Weck Jar, and Olive Wood Pinch Bowl

These uniquely pyramid-shaped crystal salt flakes have a delicate, crisp, and natural flavor that will heighten the taste of any food. Pinch the flakes between your thumb and fingertips and sprinkle them over a variety of dishes.

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Napa Valley Happy Place Tea Towel

Napa Valley Happy Place Tea Towel

You don’t have to travel farther than your kitchen to go to your happy place. This 100% Cotton Flour Sack Tea Towel can be a daily reminder of the joyful moments made in the beautiful Napa Valley.

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