Malbec 2019

$45 / Bottle (750ml)

The Small-Lot series showcases our exclusive small production & experimental wines.

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The Small-Lot series showcases our exclusive small production & experimental wines.

Our early plantings of Malbec were intended for blending into our other estate grown wines but we quickly realized the variety also wanted to speak for itself. This small-lot bottling showcases intense dark fruit notes, undertones of mint and leather, and fine tannins leading to a bright finish.

The Vintage

The dormant season was wet with much more rain than usual before the skies cleared in April, just in time for budbreak. The weather in May was surprisingly cool and rainy again, slowing down the vine growth and serving as a harbinger of the roller-coaster growing season that followed. The summer months alternated between warmer and cooler than average, but, thankfully, the daily high temperatures rarely exceeded 100°F. September was warm and sunny, providing the perfect finish and all the grapes were in by mid-October.

The Wine

Aromas of sweet pecan, raspberry, and dried rose petals lead to an intriguingly lush and open palate of warm dried cherries, oak, and marzipan. The muted acidity and moderate tannins on the finish support the elegant complexity of this small-lot wine.

Food Affinities

Malbec is an excellent food-pairing wine, with its full-bodied fruit and soft tannins that complement lean meats and earthy vegetables nicely. Winery Chef Chris Kennedy suggests pairing Malbec with our GF Mushroom and Scallion Pancakes. The slightly peppery scallions bring out the bright fruit in the wine, while the umami enhances its naturally savory notes.

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