We are proud to announce our first NFT collection, developed in close partnership with Team PancakeBunny to celebrate their First Anniversary with the World’s Best Cabernet! Not just another set of NFTs, this ground-breaking collection of nine unique bottles represents the launch of NFT 2.0 on the Cantata platform, built to bridge the virtual and the tangible. We are excited to be on the cutting edge of this promising technology, exclusively on the Binance Smart Chain.


Beautifully rendered 3D art features original work by Casey O’Connell, modified by several algorithms in order to highlight some favorite tokens, including the recently minted Busy Bunnies NFT collection. Each NFT represents a unique, collectible bottle of our 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, which will be ready for redemption starting early 2022. Redemption need not happen quickly, however. Owners may choose to hold the digital asset while the physical bottle rests safely in our inventory for up to 10 years, enabling frictionless trading with wider implications for the future of wine collecting. Changes in state to the NFT will allow it to persist after redemption, with the future possibility of returning it to its original state after inspection allowing for a new level of transparency and trust in each bottle’s provenance.




Decanter World Wine Awards


“For the second year running, it’s an Oak Knoll Cabernet which has carried the Best In Show torch for Napa, underlining the fact that this spot in the Valley seems to be ideal for mingling Napa’s diagnostic generosity and depth with an expressive finesse and an approachability which both appeals to our judges and chimes with the wine world’s zeitgeist. The wine is still dark black-purple, and the aromatic currant and berry fruits are blue, tender and enticing, with skilled and seamless oak integration. On the palate, the wine has weight and depth — but what you really notice in this 2018 vintage is its purity and inner energy; the weight and depth follow on after, but don’t overwhelm from the start. The seamless integration of acidity and brisk tannin, too, is another mouthwatering hallmark — of skilled winemaking, or the place? Who’s to say?” – July 2021




Winners of each Crypto Heroes Cab NFT will be invited to join Lorenzo Trefethen for a once-in-a-lifetime bespoke experience. Hosted in the family’s historic home, rare library wines from Lorenzo’s personal cellar will be paired with culinary delights from the estate garden for up to 6 guests. An intimate tour will include viewing of the original artwork and all the labels, side by side, with the story of their creation.