Looking Ahead

To honor our heritage, to remain pioneers in the Napa Valley, we must push forward. We continue to experiment, to operate on the frontier of our knowledge. Building on our bountiful history enables us to reach new heights but our ambition is always grounded in our estate. The land is our lodestar, and crafting estate grown wines of integrity is how we will fulfill its promise, acting as respectful stewards in order to ensure it thrives for generations to come.


Lorenzo and Hailey have taken over leadership roles from their parents and family stewardship remains central to Trefethen. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Lorenzo helps his sister to think big, while Hailey, with an eye for detail and process, keeps her brother rooted in reality. Their complementary personalities embody a unique duality that defines Trefethen, where a traditional respect for craft is paired with a pioneering spirit that pushes us ever forward.


Our dedicated team, led by CEO Jon Ruel, works diligently to turn the family’s vision into reality. Like so much at Trefethen, Jon’s story started in the vineyard where he was originally hired as viticulturist. Today, Jon’s focus is on cultivating the success of our employees. Working closely with Hailey and Lorenzo, Jon is charting a path for the company that honors Trefethen’s rich legacy while embracing a bright future.


Every vintage is a new data point, and every year leads to more precision in the vineyard, finer detail and more understanding. It also leads to new experiments, as we build on our knowledge. This ethos of constant improvement is key to the quality that the Trefethen name guarantees.


Together, our entire team works to engage a new generation of consumers in our story of fine, estate grown wines, connecting with a comfortable, unassuming authenticity and the hope of bringing joy wherever our wines are shared.


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