The Journey from Garden to Table

July 25, 2023

La Huerta, our estate garden

Years ago, we found a few rogue tomato plants thriving along the vineyard’s edge. Little did we know that this discovery would mark the beginning of a beautiful journey. We traced these plants back to some of our very own dedicated employees and soon recognized the opportunity to foster an even deeper connection to the land, thus kickstarting an inspiring program that we call La Huerta.

Our wines have always been made with grapes that we grow ourselves, but we also have a history with other crops, like the olives we grow for our own olive oil. You might be surprised to learn that John Trefethen’s first crop after moving to the Napa Valley was actually fresh corn! He sold it to the local grocery store and at the farmer’s market in Oakland. From a young age, Lorenzo and Hailey Trefethen were immersed in the wonders of their family garden, engaging in daily chores and harvesting fresh vegetables for dinner. This connection to the land is something that we expanded on with the creation of La Huerta, a fruit and vegetable garden dedicated to feeding our employees and their families.

This program, which is managed by Hailey Trefethen, has really flourished over the past 15 years. From a captivating array of chiles and tomatoes to diverse varieties of squash, beans, melons, and a multitude of other treasures–La Huerta teems with life and flavor throughout the seasons. The primary purpose of La Huerta remains to provide our team with fresh, wholesome produce, enriching the lives of our extended Trefethen family. We also celebrate the bounty each summer with a salsa-making contest among the employees. Last year, we had over 25 delicious entries!

But there’s more! We are delighted to now be sharing this fantastic produce with our winery guests as well via our new culinary programs. Our flagship experience called “Taste the Estate” highlights the synergy of great food and great wine grown right here on our estate in the Napa Valley.

This inspiring journey from the vineyard’s edge to the dedicated garden and onto guest tables at the Villa and kitchen tables in our employees’ homes exemplifies the heart and soul of Trefethen Family Vineyards–a place where our passions for agriculture, winemaking and hospitality merge beautifully.


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